A Patient’s Journey

before and after photos of girl

As surgeons, we spend our days helping patients and getting them better. However, some patients leave a lasting mark on our hearts and minds and remind about how wonderful it is to be able to help those in need. Jacqueline came to see me a few years ago when she was a young teenager. She […]

Good Skin Care Isn’t As Expensive As You Think

bottles of skin care with type that says good skinc are isn't as expensive as you think

We recently read this article that claimed you need to be wealthy to get the best skin care. Well, we’re here to tell you that is NOT TRUE! While cosmetic surgery may not be essential to our survival as a species, investing in your skin can be something that will pay off for years to […]

Get Your Skin Care Regimen in Order with OBAGI

various obagi skincare products on a counter

At Agnihotri Cosmetic Surgery we understand that sometimes you just have to clean your room, apply an elaborate skincare routine and pretend that’s equivalent to getting your life in order. Well, OBAGI to the rescue! The real key (and our personal motto) is starting early – a.k.a. “prejuvenation”. By developing habits and simply thinking about your skin while you’re […]

Better Breathing to a Better Life

before and after photo of woman

When is facial surgery not just cosmetic? When it helps you function better! Facial surgery can help people breathe more comfortably by improving nasal airflow via internal nasal and external nasal surgery. Combined with improvement of the facial profile, this allows better tongue and pharyngeal posture leading to reduced snoring and improvement or elimination of […]