At ACS Cosmetic, we believe that everyone should have beautiful skin! We proudly offer multiple skin care lines that will help you achieve your skin goals. OBAGI, SkinMedica & Skin Better Science are medical grade skincare lines that you can only get by ordering through a professional. They are considered “medical grade” because the level of potency in the active ingredients (think: retinol, hyaluronic acid, etc.) cannot be sold in over-the-counter cosmetics. These products have been scientifically proven to benefit aging skin. These lines are recommended by Dr. Neil Agnihotri and adored by his entire staff.

If you are unsure where to start, book a skin care consult with us. Dr. Agnihotri will go over your needs and recommend a regimen that is unique to you!

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What is It?

Medical based skincare regimen proven to improve skin quality and texture.

Cost: $$

Downtime: None

Anesthesia: None

Who is it for?

Adults that aren’t pregnant or nursing.

Skin Better Science


Skin Medica

The Results

close up of woman smilingclose up of woman smiling after using skincare
close up of woman's face before microneedling treatmentclose up of woman's face after microneedling treatment

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