Fashion these days has high demands – all the heavy, dangling earrings can take their toll over time! At ACS Cosmetic, we offer earlobe repair surgery for torn, damaged, gauged, or cleft earlobes. Earlobe repair is a simple procedure we can perform in office that takes about 15 minutes. We numb the area making it virtually painless! In most cases we can even repair and pierce the ear in the same day.

Along with traditional stitching techniques, we can also perform an earlobe repair using radiowave technology.  Like lasers, this technology allows for a bloodless surgery which means faster healing and less pain and bruising.

What is It?

A simple procedure to repair torn, damaged, gauged or cleft earlobes. We use radiowave technology which allows for faster healing time.

Cost: $

Downtime: None/Minimal

Anesthesia: Local

Who is it for:

Children or adults with torn, damaged, gauged or cleft earlobes.

The Results

Treatment Information

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Wear clothing with zippers or buttons to minimize any clothing that needs to be removed over your head.
  • Topical anesthetic is applied for 30 minutes prior to appointments. Be prepared to come in 30 minutes before your apt!
  • If you are getting an earring at the time of the repair be sure to bring it with you.
  • For most appointments lobe repair can be done in an hour or less.
  • Most patients don’t need any prescriptions other than antibiotics.           

Post-Treatment Instructions

  • You will leave the office with the earlobe sutures covered only with antibiotic ointment. Keep a light layer of antibiotic ointment on them twice a day.
  • Minor discomfort and swelling is normal at this time.
  • Apply local wound care with equal parts of saline and hydrogen peroxide for 1 week. Follow with a topical cream as advised by Dr. Agnihotri.
  • In most cases of isolated earlobe repair, antibiotics and pain medication are not needed afterwards.
  • After two days, it is perfectly fine to get the ears wet during showering or washing. That does not increase the risk of infections.
  • Activities that should be avoided are wet and dry saunas until the sutures are removed.
  • In 5 to 7 days after earlobe repair, you will return to have the earlobe sutures removed.
  • Avoid re-piercing the ear for 6 weeks as this may lead to a recurrence of the lobe tear.
  • It may be possible to keep an earring in place during your 6 week healing. If this is the case, Dr Agnihotri will advise you of this at your consultation. The best earrings to keep in place are surgical stainless studs for piercings.

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