Don’t Get Duped!

OK we get it, medical grade skin care isn’t the cheapest. We understand the temptation to want to ‘find a better price’ through an online retailer like Amazon or Walmart. However, trust us, it’s 👏 not 👏 worth👏 it👏

Why not?

Not only is the price only a few dollars cheaper, but you cannot ensure your products are the real deal. The products may be tampered with or they can be knockoffs. On top of that, genuine medical grade skin care like, Obagi or SkinMedica, contains potent ingredients that if not stored in the proper temperature, can affect the efficacy of the product. Who knows how long that HA5 has been sitting in a warehouse or in someone’s garage – there’s just no way to tell. 🤷‍♀️ It’s not worth getting a sub-par skin care product for a meager few dollars off.

So, what do you suggest?

The good news is that ACS Cosmetic is an authorized retailer for both Obagi and SkinMedica products. Not only can we guarantee the effectiveness of these products (we ALL use them ourselves), but you will also be supporting a local business!
If you still want to order your products online, please be sure to use these links and only order directly from the manufacture:


Oh, and PS: Don’t forget to sign up for Allē! Every time you come in to get treated, you can earn points towards free products! Win-win 🥳

don't get duped by online skincare